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This community is for Freemasons only. 

Are you interested in becoming a Freemason? CLICK HERE!

Are you a Freemason interested in becoming a member of the Scottish Rite? CLICK HERE!

The Freemason Network

On Monday August 20th 2018, Freemasonnetwork.org will undergo a full relaunch.

This exciting new site will not only feature greater interactivity, but also increased security for your online privacy and to preserve the integrity of the fraternity and the discussions that take place on the site.  

The new site will COMPLETELY REPLACE the old site. 
Please save any personal content you wish to preserve including blog posts, conversations,
photos et cetera by SUNDAY August 19th, or it will be lost.  We are unable to maintain these files past that date.  

When the new site launches, you will also need to create a new username and password.

We can't wait to show you the new site!

The Freemason Network is hosted by The Supreme Council, 33° 1733 16th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20009-3103. You must be a Mason to join the Freemason Network.

If you are not a Mason, find out more about becoming part of the oldest Fraternal Organization in the World!